Sunday, July 17, 2011

Weekend Wrap-up

Another weekend down, which means another week closer to summer being over and another week closer to a classroom full of new kids.

I am exited and nervous at the same time. Just as much as I wish summer could last all year long. Nah, I wouldn't do well staying at home. I know there are lots of you out there that do a great job at staying at home, just not me. I waste a lot of time staying at home. Mostly on this...

Clean Sewing room

Not this weekend though. This weekend I worked on cleaning my sewing room and my mess that my teaching stuff made.

Before I continue, I just want to post a quick side note. This is the real me, the me who struggles to be organized, the me who isn't perfect, the me who wishes my house looked like a magazine and knows it doesn't, the honest to goodness true me. OK back to your regular scheduled posting.

Remember this picture from Friday?

Sewing room exploded

Well after tackling this mess.

I think I may have a problem

Which by the way, I think I may have a problem. Seeing as this pile came off the top of the table and out of the bookcase.That is no way to treat lovely fabric. Sorry I digress. 

After a few hours (an hours or so on Friday and a couple hours today) I had accomplished this: 

Clean Sewing Room

It might now look like much, but the bookcase, my fabrics, and my little sewing desk are all organized.

My other weekend job was to tackle this mess of teaching crap err, I mean stuff. 

Garage teaching mess

I no longer teach Kinder or First grade. So I don't need any of my primary teaching materials in my classroom. It is packed enough with 34 students, I don't need anything in there that I don't use. 

Books and other teaching stuff

Luck for me soome wonderful teachers, who had my students before they came to me, have taught my 4th graders to read and write. So most of this, I just won't use this year. However, some day I may want to go back to the little ones so I am keeping most of it around.

Garage clean up

Fantastic, right? Ok no I didn't magically make those big piles turn into just that meager amount. It is most of it but, not all of it. 

This pile is coming back to school with me. 

Garage clean up

And this pile. Well, I am conflicted. I can offer it up to other teachers I know, or I can donate it somewhere. 

Garage clean up

Hmm big choices to be made. 

How did you weekend go? Notice I didn't get any sewing done. How about all you? I hope it was as, if not more, productive than mine. 

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  1. Nice work! As a teacher myself, I'm starting to get a little nervous about the fast approaching end of summer. Granted, I don't have piles of things in my garage, but I DO have piles in my closets at school that desperately need to be organized! I can't believe you are going to have 34 students! I teach 3rd grade, but I would DIE with that many. 28 is plenty.
    Hopefully you can get some sewing done this week! Good luck!


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