Sunday, August 7, 2011

I am here, I really am

Ok, I know it seems like I have been hiding and I haven't done much recently, but that is not true. I have just been very busy. As the beginning of the school year is just around the corner. 

So, here is a wrap up for the past two weekends.

Last weekend I went to the Long Beach international quilt show. It was fun. Smaller than last year, but still fun. Here are my scores from the quilt show.

Long Beach Quilt Show Buys

I did see some really great quilts, but I don't really want to post other people's work as I am not sure on the etiquette of that, if they haven't already posted it online or I don't know how to track them down to ask. 

I also stole ummm borrowed a book from my mom. It is I am really enjoyed reading it.

Borrowed Book

Now on to this weekend. We will start Friday. On Friday I bought these two books at the Border's bookstores going out of business sale. They were actually a couple dollars more than amazon, but I got to have them that day. So I picked them up. They have been on my want list for a long while.


I have also been doing making up my late blocks bee blocks and getting the rest of this month done too. I will post pictures on Wednesday. 

Oh and it has been a great month for me these last couple weeks on the giveaway front. 

Thanks Caitlin at and Brenda, for the $25 gift card to Brenda's shop Pink Castle Fabrics. This is the stack I picked out. Of course I spent a little more than the gift card, but not much. 

Fabric Win

Also thanks Randi and her shop fresh squeezed fabrics, I won the Joel Dewberry Heirloom fabric stack, which is so much prettier in person. 

Fabric Win 2
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