Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Where it all began - Part 2

18 Years Old and My First Quilt

Back to the story. Slowly the addiction began. For the next few years I helped my mom with projects here and there as I always had, but come on, teenage girls don't quilt. I also continued to help her shop for fabric and piece together the log-cabin quilt.

Mom's Logcabin

That was until one of my good friends was having a baby which just happened to be around the time my brother wife got pregnant too. That and the fact that a really close family friend was quilting too, and that a quilt shop opened up in our town. Basically, I was 18 and the quilting stars had all come into alignment for me.

I saved up what little money/tips I was making at a local restaurant and bought my first sewing machine.

Frist Sewing Machine

Then my mom, our family friend, and I decided to take a quilting class at that LQS. My mom was making a quilt for my soon to be niece and I made a baby quilt for my friend. After the 3 classes, with my moms help to actually quilt and bind it, I had made my first quilt.

First  Quilt

I don't remember all the details. I should have written it down.I actually didn't take the picture until years after I gave it to my friend and her baby. 

First Quit Close up

There you go. That is how it all began. However, if your wonder what happened over the next 12 years, I guess you just wait to find out :)


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  2. Love your story. Thanks for sharing it.


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