Friday, August 26, 2011

Where it all began - Part 3

Early 20s, Life as a Student

If you have read the previous post, you know I am talking about how I became a quilter. We left off on part two with my first actual quilt. I was so proud of myself for quilting this quilt and I now considered myself a quilter. I went to quilt shows with my mom, I was now a quilt shop regular. I had begun my stash. I was reading quilting magazines and buying patterns.

I even too a class to make a very scrappy bear. 

This is all he ever became.

Why, well college happened. I left home moved up to sonoma and did my undergradutate studies in English.

I continue to shop for fabric and wanted to sign up for classes, but my school schedule did not allow for it. Four years later I ended up with my B.A. in English, from Sonoma State University. As soon as I finished I got together my supplies and started my pink and white quilt using the Yellow Brick Road pattern. 

Atkinson Designs Patterns Yellow Brick Road

Shortly my break from school was over and my credential program began. I started the process of becoming a teacher. I did a whole multicultural project based learning unit quilts from different cultures for my credential program final. However, aside from the work I did for my credential, I didn't do anything else with quilting. 
After my credential, I put all my effort intro becoming a great teacher. I spent hours and hours, days, nights, weekends preparing things/lessons/projects for my students. And over 5 years that was who I became. A teacher. Every once in a while, I would pull my fabric down and play with it. Or get out my sewing machine and kinda start working on that quilt, but there was always something else to be for my classroom.

Love Road Quilt

Then a very stressful year happened. I was having trouble dealing with the stress. I went to go see a personal trainer, because I wanted to put some more time into me. On his questionnaire there was two questions that changed everything. The first was, "How stressful is your job?" - that was easy very. The second one was, "What do you do about your stress?' - I had no answer. None, nothing. I did nothing for my stress. 

That was until... see next where it all began post.

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