Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Week in Progress #32

Hey all! Thanks for stopping by. If you didn't know already I am having a giveaway for some digital scrapbook software. Go check it out and enter the giveaway.

Completed Projects: 
My Memories Suite projects. It can be used for more than just scrapbooks. Here is a great way to use the software to plan quilt blocks. This is my block plan for the 4 x 5 modern block swap.

Continuing Projects:
I took another class on free motion quilting. Why does everything always seem to go wrong when you are in a class. Here are a quilting sandwiches.

FWQ practice stippling

If I gained anything it was that my tension and timing are much better.

FWQ practice stippling

I however, really, really did not get the whole stone thing. Mine look more like grapes.

FWQ practice stones

Also, my machine is still having this weird issue with thread. I am starting to get annoyed.

FWQ practice

Embroidery 101 Quilt Along -  All 9 blocks are done.  Two blocks even have the embroidery done. I have even started another one.

Embroidery 101 progress

Still didn't do anything with these:

Bee projects

Kaleidoscopic quilt along - My kites are sewn, just not pressed.

Kaleidoscope kites

Sacramento Modern Quilt Guild's Kona Challenge - I have decided to add one more row, just haven't got to it yet. 

Kona Challenge Quilts Sacramento Modern Quilt Guild

Central Park Kit - Nada, haven't even looked at the box.

Kit for Central Park Quilt

Prairie Claw Quilt blocks -I won an ebay auction last week to get more of that momo pepper print fabric. Man that was a difficult auction to win, but I won no the less!

praire claw-5.jpg

UFOs -

Scrappy Bear
Halloween Quilt
Christmas Hexagon table runner and pillows
Loves road quilt * to be discussed later

This week's stats:
New projects: 0
Completed projects : 2
Currently in progress - 11 

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  1. Yea Jennifer! You have Embroidery 101 blocks! I saw she posted a new stitch this morning which means a new block is coming up soon.
    I have tried FMQ as well. I really think it's going to take some practive. I tried to do meandering/stippling but I crossed over. I had no intentions of pulling it out so it just became loops.

  2. Jenn,

    Take a look into Teflon bobbin washers. They are little plastic rings you put into you bobbin housing and it helps stop that thread from backlashing when you start.

    Just an idear.


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