Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Where all began - Part 5

Late 20s, a quilter again 

Well we are almost to the present time in my quilting history. And all the sudden this whole online world of quilting had popped up. At least for me it was a whole new world. There were just so many ideas out there. The first place I started was moda bakeshop. Where I found this really simple pattern and decided to try it out. It was called Skinny Verna. It took a charm pack and some yardage, so I went for it.

My Skinny Verna

I even did some straight line quilting.

My Skiny Verna Close-up

At this point I decided that I was in fact a quilter and everyone I know is having babies. Since, I had just started quilting again, so what is a quilter to do? Yep that is right make a whole bunch of baby quilts. And where do I get my ideas? My new found inspiration the internet!

As I was searching for ideas I found http://www.ohfransson.com/ and decided to make her charm squares baby quilt pattern .

Hanna's Butterfly quilt

I even took a free motion quilt class just so I could quilt it.

Hana's Butterfly Baby Quilt

Then I made this baby Sudoku quilt for Randall's friend who loves puzzles. 

Baby Sudoku

On to Randall's cousin's baby Logan. I made a disappearing nine patch.

Logan's Little all-star

Tried a bit of more straight line quilting on this one. 

Logan's Little Allstar close up

Wow that was sure a lot of baby quilts and a lot of internet searching. Another thing I stumble upon, right around the time of the first baby quilt I had been working on, was the modern quilt guild. Luckily, we had a local chapter already started. I was so excited to go to the meeting after stalking there discussion forum for a bit. I brought my projects and went to the meeting location to find only two people there. One was the leader and she was moving out of state the next week. She asked for some one to take over the leadership role or the guild was going to go away. 

That is when I decided to take over. I had just found this group and now it was going away. I so did not want that to happen. The first couple meetings after had a few people, but since then our group has grown a whole bunch. The Sacramento Modern Quilt Guild has so many inspirational quilters that are just amazing.

And here we are to the present, 2011. My first posts on this blog were also baby quilts, the circle quilt and the peaceful green baby quilt. I can't wait to post even more finishes and continue to share my quilting journey with you.

Thank you for following along with my quilting story. If you missed a part you can check them out here.

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