Goose-Zag Quilt Block Tutorial

It is my month to have A Twist on Tradition bee make me a block. I decided to use a traditional flying geese block, but mix it up a bit with fabric and the way the block is put together. The fabric is all set and is going out today. Here is a fun tutorial to make this block. 

I know you are probably wondering about that funky colored block on each one, but you will just have to wait to see when they all come back. If you want to make this block as just a zag on both sides then use all white squares or make it even funkier and use more colored squares. 

To make this block you will be using the magic method for flying geese.  The finished size of each flying geese block will be 3 3/4 x 1 7/8. Each 5" square makes 4 flying geese. I am going to be very detailed in the steps because I always seem to miss something when reading directions. 

Fabric Requirements:
2 - 5" patterned squares
6 - 2 3/4" white squares
2 - 2 3/4" patterned squares

Step 1 
On the wrong side of all of your 2 3/4" squares draw a line from corner to corner. You are going to want to sew a 1/4" on either side of that line. I know some people are very talented and can do that, but I like to use my Quick Quarter tool . It just helps me make those perfect quarter inch lines. 

Step 2
Take you big square right side up and take two of your white squares and lay them down with the marks facing up on the two opposite corners. 

Now here I do something I hate doing but very necessary to make sure every thing stays lined up. Pin! 

Step 3
Sew a quarter inch on both sides of your middle line. Or in my case on the outside lines. 

Step 4 
Cut on middle line

Step 5
Press, out side you have these cute little heart looking things. Trim off the little dog ears if you wish. On this set I trimmed as I went, but others I didn't until the end, and both worked well. 

Step 6 
Take the patterned 2 3/4' square and place it in the corner of the block. Make sure you marks are going through the center of the two heart tops. 

Step 7 
Sew a 1/4 inch on either side of you marked line. 

Step 8
Cut on marked line.

Step 9 
Press and now you have 4 little flying geese. 

Step 10 
Repeat steps 1-9 again, except in step 6 use the other white 2 3/4" squares. And you will have 4 more little flying geese. 

Step 11 
Lay out block.

Step 12 
Sew quadrants of the block together. Be very careful when pinning. On two of the sets you will be pinning through the geese points and two will be the centers. 

Step 13
Press. and sew the halves of the blocks together. I know the right one looks a little funky, I visited the iron once more before sewing and used my magic stiletto to get it match up better. 

Step 14
Press and admire your block. 

Thanks to a twist on tradition bee members for making these for me. I can't wait to use them for my backing of my, geese in the park quilt. 

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  1. I love this block! I can't wait to get my fabric in the mail and make one. :)

  2. Wow - excellent and clear instructions.

  3. What a good tutorial, thank you for sharing!

    Blue-J Cottage

  4. LOVE this block! Shared on my Facebook fan page :)

  5. I saw it on FB and it is a great block. What is a magic stilletto?

  6. thanks for the block directions.

    Between steps 11 and 13, the left portion shifts - Is one correct, and one wrong, or is either position OK?

  7. Cosmo DK, I really want to reply but you are a no reply blogger.Oh my gosh I didn't even realize that happened. Either way would work for the getting the zag in the block, but I kind of like them opposite ways. As for the stiletto question I added a link.

  8. Love this block and the magic way for making flying geese! Do you know how to figure a different size goose block? I'd like to make them a little bigger.

  9. chubbygrandmomMarch 29, 2012

    I love the flying geese block.. and I just happen to have a delightful set of charms for a baby quilt. What a great idea and I think I am going to use this. There are ways to increase the size of your blocks, I don't happen to have my cheat sheet handy, but I'll bet Jennfier does.

    1. The next commenter is right, that is a great tutorial and one of the places I looked to do my math for this one. Go here and she has a great tutorial on how to figure out the math.

  10. You can find the information here:

  11. Awesome! Love that method! Can't wait to try it! Thanks for sharing!


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