Saturday, October 29, 2011

hiding again

Sorry all, I know I should stop doing this hiding thing :). Work has just been really really busy. As many of you know, I am a teacher. And, well it is the end of the trimester. So, busy busy me.

I really should have taken a picture of my desk before I cleaned it up. This has been the week of assessments. This is just a small pile of what I still need to grade. This doesn't include the language arts assessments or math. Nor does it include the ecosystem projects my students just finish.

In addition to that I have been teaching classes to teachers this week. First I did a clicker training with my staff.

I got lots of thanks yous. So it must have went well.  BTW, have you hear of clickers in classrooms. They are so fantastic and fun! You can use them to get instant results on how well students are learning.  It is like the thumbs up, thumbs down or show me a b c or d or using white boards, except it is instant. You can either track who is enter what answer, or you can use anonymous mood, which takes the pressure away. You can also use them for instant data on tests. These have become one of my favorite classroom tools. The instant feedback helps my teaching so much.

Then I did a school loop grade book training. It is an online grade book that can let parents instantly know how their students are doing. If you are wondering. Yes, I do keep two grade books, a paper one and an online grade book. Actually if I really am honest I keep three. I also have an excel spread sheet just for assessments.

 I actually love doing the tech trainings. It is one my favorite things about my job. I feel really lucky to be part  the techex team for my district. There are only a few of us and I really enjoy it. It really pushes me to make sure I am using technology in my classroom and creating 21st learners.

Wow this is sounding like a blog post for teaching blog, not a creating blog. However, often my creations have a lot to do with what I design in my classroom. If I was better at blogging I would consider having a separate teaching blog :)

Well, I am off to quilt. So, I am sure that my next post will be more on my normal topics :)

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  1. Good luck! We just finished our first term, as well as parent teacher conferences. This weekend has provided some much needed relief so far!


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