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Do you have a flickr account? If you don't you are really missing out on a great resource for inspiration and fun.

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Flickr is a photo sharing/social networking website, but it isn't just a place to share your photos. One of the best things about flickr is the groups and the photos that people post in the groups. There are all sorts of groups that you can join. Of course my favorites are quilting groups and quilting bee groups, but I also belong to photography groups, home design and jewelry. My second favorite thing about flickr is the contacts. You can add people to your contacts and then you get instant updates of the picture they post.

Flickr is a great networking site for quilters. There is so much inspiration there. I definitively suggest joining. It is really easy to join and to start sharing pictures. 

Step 1 - Sign up - if you have a yahoo, gmail or facebook account you can use any of those to join. 
Step 2 - Add me, jenniffier, as a contact. Just kidding you don't have to add me, but you can, if you want to. You can also added contacts from lots of your online accounts. 
Step 3 - Upload pictures of your of your work. Just a warning, you only get a little over 200, before you hit your limit. Unless of course you go pro, which is their paid service. 
Step 4 - Find some groups to join. 
Step 5 - Don't spend all the time looking at pictures. 

By the way this isn't a paid post. This post is prompted by the Sacramento Modern Quilt Guild Meeting today. A few of our members did not know how to use flickr, or what it was. So this is an informational post. If my directions are enough flickr is kind enough to give you a tour.

Have fun!
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