Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Holiday Cleaning

This is one dirty oven.

Cleaning the oven

Let me tell you this was after I took out the big crispy black things that were once sweet potatoes drippings. Let's just put it this way, it was too dirty to cook for guest in. Now I know. I know. The oven is just going to get dirty after we cook thanksgiving dinner, but really that would be just embarrassing to having anyone open up and look inside of. 

So I got out my scour off, a product by Shaklee.Which by the way, I really like their cleaning products and in a moment you will see why. 

Cleaning the oven

Now after the first try of a bit of scrubbing, and less than 5 minutes, this was the results.

Cleaning the oven

Still not great, but better. So once again, I got out my sponge and put some more scour off paste on... and 5 minutes later...

Cleaning the oven

Not perfect, but better. So I called the hubby over. A little more elbow grease and...

Cleaning the oven

This process of cleaning the stove started with the first picture at 7:34 pm and the last at 8:09.  So in a little over a half hour we went from, nasty dirty oven, that I couldn't even use the self cleaning function on, to a lovely almost sparkling clean oven. 

Now some additional reasons why I love this product: it smells kinda like cherries, it cleans off hard water stains, it cleans off the icky brown gunk that stains your enamel dutch oven pots, it is pink, and I don't have to open all the windows or wear gloves up to my elbows, because it doesn't have anything in it to harm you. 

Ok, so here is the deal. I am not getting paid for this post. But this company does a really cool things for members who buy products from them. Lets just say any of you think wow that is amazing, I want some and maybe want to try out some other products, because Jenn loves the products so much. Well then you could click this link and if you spend $25 dollars or more you will get 15% off your purchase, and I will get some money off my next purchase.

Please don't feel like I am trying to sell you something, however, if you really think its cool and want to buy some, I of course would like to benefit for tell you about the product. Or if you want to know more about the products I have tried I will tell you about them. I did consider selling the products, since this is one of those people selling products companies, but I don't have time for that, so I just buy the products and tell everyone I know, that I really like them. 

Oh yeah, and whenever I share my opinion about a product, it is just that my opinion. If I like it, I will probably tell you about it, whether or not I benefit from it. If it doesn't mean anything to me, then who cares and why would I even talk about it. And if it really, really sucks, then, yes I will tell u that too. 

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