Monday, November 28, 2011

Just a little help goes a long way

So I feel really lame doing this, but here it goes... I would really appreciated it if you would consider donating to my classroom. Groupon is having a really great deal for donors choose

This is the best deal I have see yet to donors choose. I currently have two projects up on donors choose to try to get more technology in my classroom.

Donors choose is a really neat website where donors pick the schools/teacher/projects that they want to help fund. If you get the groupon now for 10 dollars it will actually be a 50 dollar donation to a classroom, because this groupon is being sponsored by chase.

Now I would love, if you decided that this is too good of a deal to pass up, for your to gift the groupon to me at or on my donors choose website

Helping me out would make a huge difference in my students learning. However, I know you might know a teacher out there or you might want to help a local school and that would be great too. Helping out any teacher on the site would make a difference in our nations schools.

Please just think about it.  I am sure all teacher would like a bit of help getting supplies/technology for their classrooms. Especially me.

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