Thursday, November 10, 2011

Puppy free weekend

We just dropped the dogs off at the breeders for the weekend. My mom always compares it to snoopy's fear of going back to daisy's puppy farm. Now let's all remember that snoopy talk about his puppy farm long before the evil puppy farms we all think of now.


Gus and Suzie have gone to visit their aunt/momma Traci. She breeds beautiful german shepherds. As you can see her breeding facilities is very large and the dogs have lots of room to roam. By the way all pictures her are borrowed from her websites or  facebook page. She cares about all her dogs, even once they come home with you (explains the aunt/momma Traci part).

 As we dropped our dogs off we could here the baby puppies. Oh puppies!


Awwh I can't wait until I get see maybe even pet some baby puppies when pick up our little ones.

Thinking about those little yaps and whines, makes me think about when my big old three 3 year old male GSD was just a baby.

Guss big smile

Gus was oh so cute. A little land shark but a cute little baby puppy.


Here Gus is with his cousin Vito. The bestest of friends, however, they haven't been together in forever.

Now he is a just a big scary German shepherd..

water attack by German Shepherd-5.jpg

Ok, I know that looks frightening, but he really isn't..


He is just a big cuddle bug... 

Spoiled Dogs

That little one you see with him is our Suzie girl. Now, if you think that that big one is a cuddle bug, then you haven't met Suzie. 


We didn't get Suzie until she was older. Not too old, just older than Gus was when we brought him home. We never got to see her as a floppy eared gsd puppy. However, Traci was nice enough to let her go to join our family. She had been thinking about keeping her. Suzie has been the best addition to our family and I am so glad she came home to us. 


She was so tiny and cute when we first brought her home.

I already miss my dogs. No one to cuddle on the couch with. The husband is watching hockey so that won't even help me :) Oh well at least I know they are in good hands over at Nadelhaus.

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  1. I love german shepherds. They are so cute, so kind and sometimes very childish. Had one once and I wish we could afford a new dog.
    Gun, Sweden


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