Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Work in Progress #37

This week I had a finish. Yep that is right I finished something. Amazing! Right?

Simple little table runner

I finished this simple little table runner, read about it over here.

Other than that, I didn't do much. For some reason, I decided to sleep the weekend away.

So instead, here is a list of everything that really needs my attention. We will start with the closest to being finished first and then go to the ufos of you can say I started this. The picture doesn't include all the items in my list nor are they in the same order. That just would have made to much sense.

WIP Recap

SMQG Kona Challenge - I just need one more row and to quilt it. (Photo #3)
Christmas Hexi table runner - Sew the hexagons on and quilt it. (Photo #3)
Patchwork Bear - Sew him together and stuff him .
Kaleidoscopic QAL. - I need to press and sew the kites into blocks, and then the blocks together to make a top, then quilt. (Photo #1)
Embroidery 101 QAL - blocks made, 2 1/2 have the embroidery done. (Photo #2)
Geese in the park - yeah, it is all cut out, now it is time for the blocks.
Halloween Wall Hanging - working on this for two years now. I have maybe two blocks down.
Wonderland Prairie claw - fabric cut, one block ready to be sewn together. (Photo #4)
Loves road - sad sad story there. (Photo #6)
Hubby String quilt - Collecting fabric, that counts right.

And about a dozen or so kits. I guess my husband maybe right, I don't need anymore projects. Ha! Like I am going to listen to that.

Speaking of spending money check back really soon, as I hit seventy followers so I am going to have a giveaway. I look though all my lovely fabric, but I just can't let go of it, so I am trying to decided what I would like to giveaway instead. I mean it will be fabric, but will it be fat quarters, or will it be a charm pack. Whatever I pick, it will be one for me and one for a follower :) Which would interest you more?
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  1. Whohooo for a finish, great feeling right? And congrats on your milestone. I know what you mean about trying to pick something to do a giveaway with -- tough, but you have to remember on this end of the screen a giveaway if fun no matter what you decide on!! Hope you are having a great week!


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