Tuesday, December 27, 2011

My Blogger's Choice Fat Quarter Bundle Picks

Now I am sure by now you all know I love a good challenge... Ok.. Fine. 

The truth is I just love shopping and the chance to win what I have been shopping for is too much for me to pass up. So a little shopping and a little playing later I came up with this Fat Quarter Bundle. 


Now, why would I spend so much time doing such a silly thing. Well, over at Ouokka Quilts there is this little challenge going on to create your own blogger's choice fat quarter bundle for fat quarter shop. Now here is the best part if you win, you get a whole yard of each of your fabric choices. So go on, create your own bundle and link up to join in on the challenge. 

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  1. Great choices! I never thought about pairing the happy mochi with the terrain cross, but I love the two together!

  2. Love it! I picked some similar colors. Now I wish I would have put Happy Mochi in mine too. : )

  3. Oh great picks! This competition is popping up everywhere in blogland, so I've started playing with options, based on a recent make...but there's so much choice, I don't know if I'll ever get it done!

  4. Very nice! You're inspiring quite a few others in the comp it seems! Hope you had fun!


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