Thursday, December 15, 2011

Sugar Cookies - We meet again

Yesterday, I got the nicest gift from my secret Santa at work. I should have taken a picture of it, but that would have taken forethought. So instead let me give you a mental picture.

My secret Santa present included: Christmas cookie cutters, Christmas oven mitts, a Christmas towel, snowman spatulas, a holiday colored whisk, sugar cookie dough, and frosting. All of this was neatly placed inside a  large red mixing bowl, which I place on my desk so my students could oh and oh over and I could taunt them with the thought of cookies. All the time knowing that there was no way I was making myself the cookies and that I would bake the cookies for them and bring the cookies in on our last day before winter break. Not that I would ever have lead them suspect something like that. So for two days they stared at the cookies and lovely cookie making tools. All the while thinking that I was such an evil teacher and would eat them all myself. I even over heard one little girl tell the next to her boy, who just happened to be absent when the present arrived, "they aren't for us" with longing in her voice. 

So, I came home this evening and I made sugar cookies.

No, I did not invite a 5 year old over to bake sugar cookies. Sugar cookies and have been arch-nemesis for a long time. My mom and I used to try and make them. They just turned out like rocks or burnt or just not right. I have even tried many, let's repeat that, many times since I "grew up". Last time, the sugar cookies turned out like sugar lace cookies - flat as pancakes... no even flatter. So I thought, a package this will work. I mean who can mess up a package of cookies...

Ummm, yeah that would be me. After over an hour of making, 20 minute cookies... a bit of yelling, maybe a bit of swearing and a bunch I hate sugar cookies! They are made. Hopefully my student like the thought... At least they aren't burnt. Plus I did get each student a pair of gloves and a candy cane. So that should make it just a little bit better.

Next time it is back to chocolate chip cookies or cupcakes... Those I can handle.
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