Saturday, December 31, 2011

Year end Wrap Up

Happy New Years Eve!

Since it is the last day of the year, I guess it is time to reflex at all that I have accomplished. I started this blog almost a year ago and posted my new years resolutions.
Resolutions 2011

Last year set a timer and create was one of my resolutions and I can't believe I actually accomplished a resolution. Actually, believe it or not, I accomplished a few. Choose Happiness (check), create (check), relax (check, I did go on a cruise after all)... the rest... well sorta. I did really well on the exercising for a couple months. The budget thing.. hmm, just don't even ask my husband about that one. Neat and tidy, still working on that. I definitively need to work on simplifying more. I think I may need to some of those to next years resolutions. This was the first time I had set resolutions in a long time and I am glad I did. Even if I only accomplished a few and made progress towards the others.

Since this is my sometimes creative life, lets look at the create part.

Photos taken this year = over 3,000. Not all of them great, but my skills are improving.

Crafts = 1 project, and a last minute one at that. I made this for my mother-in-law. It was a label purchased from sweetwater on etsy and then I added the embellishments and frame and such.


Sewing Projects = 6, I am really proud to have sewing my first bag, with my mom's help. Then I did three more bags on my own.

Sewing 2011

Quilting Projects = 13. 2 baby quilts, 2 lap quilts, a table runner, a mini quilt, and 6 mugs rugs. I know mug rugs are little but at least they are complete :)

Quilts 20111

Bee blocks: At least 33, I am sure there were more, but I wasn't good about organizing my pictures.

Bee Blocks 2011

That was a pretty creative year for me. Had I not started blogging, I don't think I would have accomplished this much. 

Thanks to all my readers, comment makers, SMQG members, fellow bloggers, fellow pinners, flickr contacts, family and friends for following along and helping motivate me. I really enjoy being part of this online community and I am so glad I decided to join. I am looking forward to see what the new year brings. I hope you had a wonderful year and I wish you a happy new year. 

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  1. What a great line-up! Congratulations Jenniffier, and all the best for 2012! x

  2. Such a lovely collection of projects in 2011!!


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