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I promise this post is about quilting, but I need a moment to explain my thinking. See, in teaching we have this theory called ZPD, zone of proximal development. Long story short it is a theory that Vygotsky came up with, that basically has to do with what child can do by themselves and what they can do with help/practice. So let's think of it this way, if a child can ride a tricycle, then with a bit of help and a bit of practice the child can ride a bike, but don't expect that said child to be able to ride a motor cycle.

Now you are probably thinking by now, what does this have to do with quilting/crafting/you know the things you usually write about?

Well, here it is I have a sort of finish. I finished the Kaleidoscope quilt alongtop.  After much frustration, it is pieced together, and I have come to the conclusion that the skills necessary to complete this task correctly are out of my quilting ZPD.


I have a pretty good set of quilting skills, I would even say I am probably in the intermediate range. However, this task, well I need some more quilting practice before I try anything like it again. The directions were well written, the task was straight forward. My skills were just not to par, but the top is done now and I just have to quilt it.


Now on to some things that are closer to my ability level (right in that ZPD) some were a bit harder than others, but I have a whole set of mug rugs for my husband's office mates.

mug rugs 1

I really hope they like them, I still need to work on my machine binding skills, but I am pretty proud of each of these little mini quilts. 

Mug rug 2

All I know is next time I decided to try a pattern, I will take the time to think to myself, is this too easy or too hard. I don't want quilting to not be fun and either of those situations have the same effect. Frustration with myself. 

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  1. great looking quilt and mug rugs

  2. Your projects look great. It's always good to try something new. You always learn something from it!

  3. It's always harder than it looks (and it looks pretty darn hard!) :) the mug rugs turned out fabulous. You're going to be so happy with that quilt once its quilted.

  4. I saw the word Vygotsky and was drawn to this post as I am currently writing an assignment on him and Rogoff! :)

    Your work looks fabulous!



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