Thursday, February 2, 2012

AMH trunk show

Oh my goodness I had so much fun tonight at the Anna Maria Horner trunk show. It was fun to listen to her talk about her process and share lots of pictures of her creations and designs.

Anna Maria Horner Trunk show

She seemed really sweet and super down to earth. Plus her work was just amazing in person. I am so glad I decided to go. Can't wait to make a quilt with her.

I did do a little buying while I was there. I mean how could I resist. Look at those lovely fat quarters. That gray flowery fabric is so soft and such a pretty color in person. Plus that dress is super cute actually I really like the top/blouse, which is what I think I am going to make.

Anna Maria Horner Trunk show buys

And I did a little winning too. It was actually quite funny, there I was trying to decided just how much I wanted to spend over at the tables of the fabric and other lovelies that she brought with her. When I hear "619"... hmm I think that number seems familiar.... is that really my number? "Does anyone have 619?" Now I am looking at my ticket... dorky me replies... "oh that's me!" I guess it was kind of good though, because I didn't spend as much as I probably would have had they not called my number. By the time I got back there not much was left. Luckily, I did bring the solids with me because there weren't any more when I returned.


I guess I made the giveaway gods happy again, with my last two giveaways. BTW if you haven't entered my I hate laundry and laundry hates me inspired giveaway for this lovely fabric there is still plenty of time. 2 day to be exact and so far you are only competing with 28 other entries.

Go over to this post and enter using rafflecopter.

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P.S. Sorry for the bad lighting in the photos, could not be helped... plus I just had to share :)

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