Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Work In Progress Wednesday

I didn't really get much done this past week. However, I did attend a really cool workshop with Anna Maria Horner. She is really nice in person and very down to earth. It was fun to get to meet her and listen to her talk about color.

Anna Maria Horner's Quilt sample for class

The workshop was for this really great hexagon quilt. The hexagons are huge and so super cute. I just love her quilt sample for the class. It is so pretty. I can't wait to see how mine turns out.

At the class I spent most of the time cutting. Just look at this stack of cut triangles.

View 2 of cut fabric for AMH Hexagon Quilt

I enjoyed the class, but was a little sad because I spent most of the time cutting. I was extra sad because Janome provided the machines for the class and I would have loved to have played with the machine a lot more. Now, I want a new machine, but that is far far far down the road. I kind of wish I would have taken the class for making one of her bags too, but that is neither here nor there.

For now, I still have a lot more cutting to do. Just look at this pile.

Pile of fabrics left to cut for AMH Quilt

I will also need a design wall to figure this quilt out. Hmm... I wonder how to talk the hubby into that one :).

I didn't get anything accomplished after the class. Somehow, I hurt my hand. I don't think it was related to all the cutting. But who knows I could of just bumped it, or if I hurt myself in some strange way. Seeing as I always end up with the strangest hurts and bruises and forget how I did it. That is what is bad about a high pain tolerance. All I know is my ring finger on my left hand got hurt. I somehow managed to hurt my knuckle joint and I haven't really been able to function right. It is just now starting to get back to normal. The worst part about it is, that I have had time to create, but can't because of my hurt hand. 
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  1. I love that AMH quilt, how after a while of looking the hexagons come into view. Hope your hand is better soon!

  2. What a pretty quilt and stack of fabric you have there... but geez... hope your hand starts feeling better stat so you can get some creating time!


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