Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Work in Progress

Ha! That is a funny notion. I had planned on getting so much done this week, seeing as I have the week off, but instead I got sick. Not a little sick but really really sick. Fever, cough, sneeze, repeat. I have been on the couch since last Friday. I have mostly seen this little face, looking at me saying please get better.

Suzie helping me get better

Today, however, I felt a little better. So I got up and sewed for 30 minutes. I finished a few more of my carnival blocks.

Fabric to cut

Then took a minute to admire this pile of fabric, that so needs my attention.

Carnival progress continued

That is the whole extent of any progress I have made. Hoping to be better tomorrow. I would really like to accomplish something, anything, on my break.
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  1. isn't that the always the way it work. you plan to do so much in your time off and you get sick...i hope you feel better soon


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