Friday, March 16, 2012

I am bad blog author

That is my way of saying sorry. I did mean to blog. I really did. I also really did mean to do anything creative this week. Now I know excuses are just that, but let me tell you something.

I went to the doctor about 10 days ago for some girl issues... and lets just leave it at that. She told me to make the issues better, I would need to give up caffeine, refined sugars, and make sure that all carbohydrates that I eat are complex carbs. Now this did not make me happy.

It was the caffeine part that really caused me to be upset... there were other things too (not food related), but believe it or not that was one of the things that had me the most upset. First of all  I am a soda addict (I am sure you have seen evidence of this in picture on this blog, the coke cans, the sonic cups)  I mean I have a really really bad problem with soda and caffeine. And have since I was a young.

We are talking really young. I used to get really moody, and really hyper and all amped up (adhd, before anyone ever said anything like that) and my parents found out mistakenly that a little sip of soda would calm me down. My brothers claim I was stroller age, I really don't know. All I know is that when ever I feel overwhelmed soda seems to focus me. So it is the way I like to start my day. I also like it when: I am stressed,  I am quilting, watching tv, playing on the computer, hanging out with friends, relaxing, driving... Truthfully, if I could just drink soda only I would.

Back to the issue at hand, why I was so upset. I think the most important issues is that I know what it means to give up soda. Now, see this isn't the first time I have given up soda. I actually went 4 years without drinking soda. I am not one of those people who can drink caffeine free or diet, it just makes me want a really coke/pepsi even more. This is what happened last time I really gave up soda. First, I started drinking sprite, and then sprite turned into caffeine free diet pepsi, and then diet coke or pepsi and the next thing I knew I was drinking straight fully loaded coke... See the who addict thing.

I have tried giving it up by cutting back. I have even gone days with out, even months when I had kidney stones, but the next thing I know, I am drinking soda again. Sometimes it is because I can't take the headaches. Or because I think that I can handle just a bit. Or I get really stress and there I am sneaking though the Sonic drive thru just to get my bubbly goodness. Oh the headaches, and the emotions, and the clumsiness, the distractions all around, the moodiness, and that desire, that unquenchable thirst for sugary goodness.  All have been my down falls many many times.

Not this time though. This time I just went for it. I just gave it up. Cold turkey.

And it wasn't even that bad. Ok I may have got a bit emotional, but I really didn't get the headaches, too bad that is. I also may have spent a lot of time moping around, and not really doing anything, including blogging. I mean really, what was I going to blog about; have done nothing, but go to work come home and suffer the consequences of giving up caffeine.

Thinking about it now, I should have said... excuse me while I suffer in the corner a bit... blog writing will resume once the caffeine has completely left my system and I can return to normal functions. But I didn't,  and I am sorry that I did not.

I am hoping this no caffeine thing can last a while. I am hoping the doctor is right and it will help things get better. The only bad thing is, that now that I have "conquered" the caffeine thing (the "" are because I know this will continue to be a daily challenge), I am on to those other favorites, sugars and carbs... Well, not quite yet. That may take some more planning on my behalf. But soon, very soon. Hopefully, I won't disappear again, but I can't make any guarantees. I mean it is bread!

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  1. Ouch! That sucks! I am a Diet Pepsi fanatic, soi feel your pain. I've tried quitting several times, but it's so hard! I think it's easier to give up a bad habit if it's for your health though. I had to give up bread and A LOT of other things when I went gluten free and it's so much easier when I know that stuff makes me sick. I can walk by a dozen donuts and my mouth won't even water :) Hang in there.

    Have a great FNSI and I'll see you tomorrow for Modern Quilt meet up!

  2. You don't have to apologize for not blogging. When you feel like sharing something with us, we'll read it. Until then, focus on yourself and feel better!

  3. I just wanted to wish you luck, I know a few people with proper soda addictions (one of them is addicted to facebook too - eeek!) and it's not easy! :-)

  4. Much luck to you with having the strength to stop eating and drinking the things you love but that are bad for you. I understand the soda thing as my younger brother is in the same boat. Feel for you! :)


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