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Ok so it just happens to be one of my favorite games... and I always feel so bad yelling "no tag" when I have playground duty. I remember running around playing tag as a kid. For goodness sake, I leave messages on peoples voice-mail that say, "tag, your it!" Maybe that is why I often teach tag games when I teach PE or give my students some extra play time.

So needless to say, when I get an mail from a bloggy friend that tells me I was tagged, I was quite intrigued and I just have to play along. I was tagged by Cindy over at Hyacinth Quilt Designs to participate in a little game of blog tag. How fun is that. I met Cindy though a giveaway day link up. She gave away some great fabric and some of her books she has written, and I won. Now right there that makes me like her and her blog, but even better than that she has some really inspiring work that she shares. It seems like every time I check out her blog I am amazed. Here is just one example, photo linked from her page.

Isn't that just amazing. So pretty such nice quilting... and that is just a wall quilt. you should really go check out some of her larger quilts too.

Ok on to the game of tag. She asked the people she tagged some questions.

1. If you're not quilting, what are you most likely doing?
 Well, normally I am teaching. It is what I spend most of my time doing. However, when I am home and I am not quilting I am usually playing on the internet, (reading blogs, playing on pinterest, reading email). Sometimes, however, you can find me reading or watching hulu/netflix. It just matters how stressful of a day I had, the more stressful of a day I have had, the more likely it is that I end up on the couch. No matter what though, I am always   near my two German Shepherd. They make good foot warmers and/or good cuddles. 

2. Do you buy fabric with a specific project in mind or "just because"?
Both. Usually I have a project I am thinking about. However, sometimes, I walk by a fabric I just have to have and then it comes home with me. Now when I say walk by that does often mean I am shopping online and see a fabric I must have, or I may even be looking at someones blog and see a fabric I must have so I search for it on the internet until I can find somewhere to order it. 

3. How many quilting projects do you have going at once?
Way to many. I have 6-10 right now. However, I am trying really hard to work on one or two at one time and then move on to the next. Doesn't mean that is always how it works, but it is what I try to do. 

Sewing closet

4. How many completed quilts do you own?
I own 7 quilts. Two are lap sized that I made for myself. One is lap sized that my mom made and she said I could have if I just finished the binding. I have one mini quilt by my computer. And one quilt that is Suzie's (my dog) that she has in her bed that is in our room.  I also have two quilts that my grandmother made. I would say in 1930's for one and the other I am not sure, but my dad used it when he was a kid, so at least the 1950s. 

5. How do you use your quilts, or are they stored away somewhere?
I use most of them. The one from the 1930's ish time is pretty ragged. It was definitively made from recycled materials and it has seen better days. I also only bring out the other quilt my grandma made only every once in a while, but in the summer it is one of my favorite things to sleep under. The others get used regular. 

Grandma's Quilts

6. What is you favorite food?
Bread - lets just leave it at that :)

7. What is your current favorite color combination?

I am really drawn two color combos right now. 
Tangerine and Aqua 

And Red, Pink, Aqua

8. Where do you get your ideas and/or inspiration?
Blogs, Patterns, Pinterest, flickr. 

Now it is my turn to tag some people.

I am tagging -

Jill at Ducks and Rabbits
Susan at The History Quilter
Rebecca at Rebecca's Rags
Mrs. Pickles at Mrs. Pickles Garden
Debbie at Traveling Quilter

So now on to my questions.
1. How big is your stash?
2. What is your favorite treat?
3. When do you usually quilt?
4. How many projects do you have going on right now?
5. What is the weather like?
6. What keeps you from quilting?
7. What color fabric do you buy most often and is it your favorite color?
8. What is the largest and the smallest quilts you have made?

Well, TAG your IT! And Have fun!
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  1. Me? Oh you are so sweet! Ok going to get on this next week after midterms are over - I promise. :) Good questions and I love your answer to #6: Bread. LOL

  2. Bread..*swoon* (with REAL butter..) ahh.. Loved reading your tag answers.. My mom has a couple of old log cabins that were my grandma's that are all raggedy like that. One of them was so raggedy, parts of it couldn't be saved, so she saved the good sections and made a small lap size quilt, and a couple of table toppers out of it, rebound them, and they are having an even longer life. Your grandmother's quilts are beautiful! Such history. :o)

  3. Thanks for playing along! It's been fun getting to know fellow bloggers a bit more.I'm right with you and those beautiful color combos!

  4. darn I was never good at Thanks for tagging me :)


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