Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Work in Progress - or lack there of

Things have been very very slow around here. I finished one block (I should have had all 6 done for the 4x5 bee).

4x5 sample in my colors

 And continued some embroidery.


*Note - Don't keep reading this if you don't want to hear my excuses for my lack of creativity.

I am still not feeling quite back to normal yet. I haven't really felt "well" since February. The weather is horrible; hot then cold, cloudy and rainy, no sun. The weather is really not helping with the whole not feeling well. Plus this time of year is busy season for me.

Actually it is state testing time. Which means I force the students into  relentless practicing for a THE BIG TEST. We review a whole year in less than 2 weeks and I hope and cross my fingers that they will do well. Which of course means I come home exhausted, overwhelmed and stressed. The most stressful part of it is that it takes a lot to get 9 and 10 years to take a test some what seriously, especially a cumulative one. Some days I feel like shouting really you don't remember that you have been doing this all year, but then I take a deep breath and review basic math and literacy skills. Most days I feel like the teacher/adults from charlie brown -

Yep that must be me during this time of the year. Normally, we do fun activities where the kids get up and move, or the create things, but not right now. Right now it is all about "THE TEST".

All of this really means that I come home tried and just want to sit down in front of the TV and veg. I feel like all my creativity has been sucked away from me. Then when I do try be creative bad things happen. Like this.

broken extension table

Yes I did break my extension table.  Yes I did try to fix it with epoxy. No, it did not work.

Or this...

Scrap basket

Yes, my scrap basket exploded on me. All because I could not find the scrap color I was looking for. I just wanted one long piece of fabric in one certain color. So then of course I had to start organizing it.

Scrap sorting

I mean  it is not like I am easily distracted or anything. By the way I did not finish organizing it.

Sigh.... Just a little while longer and it will be summer. We end May 31, but hopefully my creativity will come back before that. I am sure it will. At least I am going to keep telling myself that.
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  1. I'm a teacher so I understand a little of what you are talking about! Although in Australia we don't test 9 and 10 years quite that way, thank goodness! Good luck! Your quilt block is great, BTW!

  2. Hang in there! I'm impressed that you got done what you did with all that going on!


  3. Don't you worry. Things just have to get better. Love your block.


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