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Cheesecake Stuffed Strawberries

Cheesecake Stuffed Strawberries

Warning. These may be highly addictive. Keep reading only if you want to have the desire to quickly go out and buy the items to make these. Which, by the way, you could do and still have time to make them for a weekend BBQ.

Yesterday on Facebook, a friend posted about cheesecake stuffed strawberries. Of course I did a quick double take and proceeded to follow all the links back to the original post at Nutmeg Nanny. I mean who wouldn't be curious about Cheesecake Stuffed Strawberries. The recipe on the previous pages looked good, but the filling reminded me of frosting.

I mean, if I want cheesecake stuffed anything I want it with my favorite no bake cheesecake on the inside of the strawberries, not frosting. So I did a bit of experimenting to figure out how alter my recipe from cheesecake size to filling size. Plus I had to make it into the right consistency and taste to fill some strawberries. It didn't take long and it was super easy. So I thought I would share it with you.

First and for most you need the ingredients for your cheesecake filling.

Cheesecake filling ingredents

Not to bad right. Three items  that are easily attainable at most grocery stores. If you don't have limes just hanging around, then you could use lime juice, just use less than what I suggest.

Now mix them together.

Cheesecake filling

I think it is important to taste along the way to make sure it is not too sweet or too tangy. Just adjust by adding more lime juice or sweetened condensed milk as needed. You don't want to make it soupy or you will need another block of cream cheese and will be on your way to a cheesecake. Oh yeah and try not to eat the whole bowl of filling as you are making it, or you won't have anything left for the strawberries. Put this in the fridge for just a little bit.

Next is the hardest part. Use your paring knife and cut out the strawberry centers. You will need about a pound or so of strawberries. I think I filled about 30 with this mixture.

Cored strawberries

It isn't really difficult, just go in at an angled and circle around the stem. Most of the strawberries are kind of hallow, so the center just pops out. This is a little time consuming, but not too bad. It does help to have a husband around to eat the ones that you mess up on. I am sure a kid would be helpful here too, but there aren't any hanging around my house, so I used what I have.

Then it is time to get an icing bag and a tip. I used a star type tip, because it is the only one I have. An added plus is that it made a cute design. Fill up the icing bag with your cheesecake filling.

Strawberries ready for filling

And  then fill, fill, fill, fill away. As you are doing this try not to eat the whole platter, you do want some for your guests. Don't you? You may also have to shoo away the afore mentioned husband/kids. That is if you want your guest to eat any.

Cheesecake Stuffed Strawberries

That is it. All done and oh so yummy. Well, you could add graham cracker crumbs to the top or dip  the strawberries in chocolate, but I was making these for my brother, who is gluten free and I think the chocolate would have been a bit much. However, whatever you think would take it to the next level, do it.

On an extra good note, if you are doing weight watchers, like me, the recipe builder says that these are 1 points plus each. Now that does mean you have to be careful about how many you pop in your mouth. Before you know it you could eat 10 of them and then we all know where that will get you. However, these are a lot less points than yummy piece of cheese cake and pretty filling too.

Recipe: Cheesecake Stuffed Strawberries


  • 8 ounces cream cheese (1 block)
  • 3 tablespoons of sweet and condensed milk
  • 2 tablespoons of fresh lime juice 
  • 1 pound of strawberries 
Preparation instructions 

Mix first three ingredients on medium setting until all ingredients come together. Chill the cheesecake mixture for  10 - 15 minutes. In the meantime using a paring knife core the strawberries. Use an icing bag to fill each strawberry with the cheesecake mixture. Chill for 10 minutes to an hour. 

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  1. These look so yummie!

  2. Great food tutorial! These looks like the perfect thing to bring to a Memorial Day Barbecue. :)

  3. Sounds yummy! Wish I had some strawberries! May have to go get some! Glad to see a new use of old family receipe, hope Jamie likes them. You could add chocolate to mine ;)


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