Sunday, May 20, 2012

How does your garden grow?

Surprisingly pretty well. It is officially week two of my little square foot garden.

Gardening 5/20

There is a lot of growth already. Just look at this eggplant. It is amazing how such a tiny plant has already become this.

Gardening 5/20

I have been visiting my garden every day and making sure that the soil is staying moist. It has been pretty hot and dry here, so they have need water almost every day. I am a little worried about our vacation trip coming up in a couple weeks. Hopefully they will be more established by then. Or maybe I will have to reopen the drip line at least that week.

Gardening 5/20

We have only had three plants die. One strawberry, the basil, and our watermelon. The watermelon is makes me sad though, because it was the one that did the best at first. The leaves stayed all happy and green. Then a couple days ago, the poor little thing just died. Oh yeah and the basil, damn creature ate it the very next night. I am pretty sure it is a snail. It must be living in the pot that we grow our herbs in.

Gardening 5/20

My tomato plants have gone insane since the weather has heated up.

Tomatoe plants 2012

And so have some other plants around the yard.


Especially this vine weed. We just cleaned it up two weeks ago. Now, look at it.

Oh no weeds

We are not sure how to eliminate this thing seeing as it is hard to pull out the roots. We don't like using poisons in the backyard since we have dogs. Any suggestions out there?
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  1. I planted some watermelons too, a few weeks ago, and they did great - at first! They looked so green and healthy then one day BAM.. they were all dead. So the second time around (last weekend) I planted the seeds indoors, they have sprouted and I plan to grow them under lights for a couple weeks before I put them out.. I think I originally just planted them too soon. Well enough rambling about watermelons. :P


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