Sunday, August 19, 2012

Geese in the Park - continues

I actually did spend sometime sewing during Friday Night Sew In. I sewed as long as I could before my back started hurting too much (darn kidney infection).

I started with this pile of pinned rows. They are very long rows, basically the size of the top of a queen sized bed.

Geese in the park wip

I kept sewing and repining and I was almost able to finish putting the rows together before I had to stop. Luckily I only had 3 more seams to do in the morning and I was ready to share my geese in the park almost completed top at the Sacramento Modern Quilt Guild Meeting. I am hiding under the quilt :)

SacMQG Meeting August 2012

Yeah for Friday Night Sew-in. It always takes place the night before our quilt guild meeting, which means I set aside just a bit of time to work on something right before the meeting. Otherwise I probably wouldn't have  put all these rows together.

All I have left to complete this top are two borders. Then on to another project. Normally I like to quilt a top right after I finish it, but with my back hurting from my lovely kidney infection, that just isn't going to happen. Actually sitting here and typing this isn't making my back feel so great. Ohs well that is life.

Now I am off do some quick vacuuming (two big dogs it can't be avoided any longer), throw a load in the laundry (I do need clean clothes to wear to work next week), go grocery shopping (need food too), and  then lay on my heating pad (awwh relief) with my ipad so I can check out what others accomplished during the Friday Night Sew In.

Have fun!
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  1. feel better soon! The quilt top is looking great! Guild meetings are a great incentive to get projects moving a long.
    And thanks for reminding me that I have a load of laundry sitting in the washer!

  2. Looks great! Those fabrics are so pretty with that design.

  3. Great job with the seams! I hope that your kidney feels better very soon!!

  4. You quilt is gorgeous! I hope you soon feel better :)

  5. I really like your fabric choices for this, so bright and fun.


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