Saturday, August 11, 2012

I survived

The first two days of school. Phew! It was much different not being in the classroom, but I was still super busy and on my feet almost all day. Next week should be much different, but so far I am liking my new position. It is really fun seeing all the kids in the school, not just my class.

It has been a good yet not very productive week around here. I did a little sewing an plan on doing more in just a little bit :)

Oh yeah! Don't forget to vote for Suzie and Gus over at:

Pets on Quilts

I mean just look at those cute faces. They are #98. See the whole post here.

Gus and Suzie helping make the posh quilt
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  1. Susie and Gus are super cute laying on the quilt top - loved your original post about them.
    Good luck with Day Four today!
    My semester begins in two weeks but I wish it was today - five months until student teaching. I can't wait. :)


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