Friday, August 3, 2012

Insta Friday

Last week of summer for me. Next week it is back to is back to work officially. I actually did spend a lot of time at work this week, trying to get things prep and my office set up for the next school year and attending some meetings. It seems odd saying offices instead of classroom, but my new job at the school means I get an office instead of a classroom. I meant to grab a picture of it, but I of course forgot. This whole Insta Friday would be easier if I remember to take pictures of what I was doing.

I did start off the week well by documenting my progress on my work on my newest quilt.

Lots of sewing and cutting. 

Now I have lots of the blocks done and they are waiting for me to sew them together. 

I guess this has kinda been a quilty type week seeing as I went to the Sacramento Modern Quilt Guild sew night last night and worked on some embroidery there, but mostly I just admired Rebecca's granny square progress in Tula Pink plume fabric. 

I also picked up a new project to do as a commissioned quilt for a sample for Sew Katie Jean's. After it is all done I will teach a class to help people make the quilt.

Don't you just love that green... oh and the blue. If you can't tell I am really excited about this project. I wasn't until we found the colors, I mean the pattern is super cute, but starting a project at the beginning of the school year isn't something I normally do.

Well I guess I should go finish the first quilt so I can start my new one. :) Hope everyone had a great week.

oh yeah, and you can follow me on instagram if you want surprisingly the user name is jenniffier 
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