Friday, August 17, 2012


Happy Friday all!

I actually took some pictures this week. Just not as many as I should have to really capture a week in the somewhat creative life of Jenn.

I am really enjoying my new job. I like seeing all the classrooms and helping teachers with what they need help with/finding answers out to lots of things. It is really fun! I also spend a lot of time with this view

of my desk (notice the Kate Spain notepads, yep I went there). I seem to be sending lots of email and working on lots of projects that require me to work on the computer. However, I really like it. I thought I would miss teaching in front of a whole class of kids by now, but I really don't. I am going to go work with some kinders in just a little bit after going over all the 4th grade student leadership applications. I actually feel like I see more kids now, as I am going into classrooms all the time (mostly for checking books right now). It doesn't feel quite so isolated. I am really liking how teachers are already asking me for support. My  predecessor in this position must have done a fantastic job. Actually I know he did because he was super helpful to me too. I have some be expectations to live up to.

I also went to the doctor this week. I have a kidney infection and a really bad stomach ache. I have to go get an ultra sound done. I am just waiting for them to call to schedule my appointment.

It has really cut down on my creativeness. When I get home I just want to lay down on the couch with a heating pad. Actually I want to do that earlier, but I have to wait to get home.

However, I have made progress on my geese in the park quilt.

I took this on Wednesday, but since then I have pinned all the rows together and I will be sewing them together tonight because I plan on participating in Friday Night Sew In. For as long as I can before I am in too much pain. My goal is to have all the rows sewn together so I can share at the Sacramento Modern Quilt Guild Meeting tomorrow. I guess if it is too much I could always work on my embroidery 101 project.

Well there we go that was my week. Hope everyone has had a great week :)
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  1. I'm glad you like your job and those Kate Spain magnetic note pads. lol. I hope your kidney infection clears up soon. I know how miserable that can be.

  2. Glad to hear you are enjoying your new job, I hope you start feeling better soon, because there is nothing worse than being sick!


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