Friday, August 24, 2012

Insta Friday

It has been one busy week, between work and doctors appointments and not feeling the best, it has been one long week too.

I went back here again

and they did this to me.

Luckily everything came back with in the normal range. But I got left with one gnarly bruise that is still there from Tuesday. It is more blue now, but the fact that it is still there just shows how bad it was.

I also got a CT scan for my abdominal area; kidney and tummy hurting issues, but those results take 3-5 days and it has only been two.

I did get to work on some quilting. I added one of the two borders onto my geese in the park quilt.

And made some more progress on my embroidery 101 quilt.

And a bit more progress, yesterday. 

Most of my time this week at work was spent testing students, which has been making my brain into mush. It is funny how boredom can do that to you.

My husband did take me out to a new restaurant in town.  It was fantastic and I want to go back to actually have the margarita for myself, since I have finished my antibotics and can have more than just a taste.

Oh and last night I decided to make focaccia. It turned out very yummy but a bit flat. I really like this recipe it is so easy, but I think I made it too thin this time. And it got a bit toasty.

Wow that was kind of some rambling there, but it works :) hope everyone had a good week.

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  1. Hi Jenn,
    You seem to know your stuff and I love your quilting. I am pulling my hair out trying to get ANY useful answers from the Google "Help Centre". Should be called "Useless Waste of Time Centre" Usually the Google product forums are helpful but lately they have been ignoring my questions or else requiring that I go through a ridiculously long "process" before they will consider answering my question. Today my question is: How do you create the Subscribe to Posts link at the end of the post?
    Thanks so much!


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