Friday, August 31, 2012

Once in a blue moon

Did you know that tonight is a blue moon. Now I wish I had a great picture to share, but I don't have a tripod or a lens meant for distance so this was the best I could do.

Blue Moon

However, that isn't really the purpose of this post. I am more thinking of the saying... see I did a bit of free motion practice tonight and when I was shocked and amazed at how well my first ever try at a paisley turned out I turned to my mom (who is visiting) and she said and I quote "once in a blue moon".

Free Motion Paisley

It seems to fit, because I am simply amazed and I wish I had a quilt to quilt right now, because I would stay up all night, while it was the blue moo,n just so my quilting would turn out this lovely. Even my little bit of stripling and loop-dee-loos turned out lovely.

Free Motion Paisley

It isn't perfect, and I am going to ignore the ones that are funny shaped or that didn't do exactly what I wanted and focus on the fact the back and the front look lovely and the tension was just right. I am very happy with this little sample. Of course it wasn't with bright thread that was easily seen, but none the less this is my once in the blue moment. At least for tonight's blue moon.
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