Monday, September 3, 2012

August Wrap-Up

Another month of the year has past. Actually the year is getting towards the downward slide to another year. I really wish I had accomplished more in the crafting/quilting arena thus far, but I haven't.

This month was a lot of trying to finish a project. And I almost made it, just one more boarder and it is a finished quilt top.

Making progress #quilting. Added one out of two borders.

My geese in the park is turning out pretty well, but the progress on it is much slower than I would like. Mostly because I am not working on it as often as I would have liked. And of course there were my normal helpers.

Quilt helpers strike again

I also had to change my plans on what I was going to work on. I had planned on starting two new projects a mini quilt and commissioned zig-zag quilt, but with not feeling the best I just spent sometime work on my embroidery.

Embroidery 101 progress continued

Oh and just because Suzie hates to get left out here is a picture of her helping in my sewing room.


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  1. that quilt looks great - and your helpers are adorable :)


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