Friday, September 7, 2012


This has been one very busy week, well mostly a busy 3 day weekend. Most of the weekend was spent with my mom and my niece making her Halloween costume. I will share pictures soon of that. I tried to instagram it, but I had instagram fail, which is a good reason to remember to take pictures with your camera first.

After some serious sewing time went out to yummy teppanyaki. I had the sushi, mostly, that is if you don't count the stealing off other people's plates.

Most importantly it was my hubby's b-day on Monday. It is nice that we often get his b-day as a three day weekend.

First we spent the day in Napa with his family doing some wine tasting. I am not a big wine person, but I have to admit we did have fun and the wine from this place was pretty good. Don't remember the name of the place that might be too helpful :)

Then we went to Winters to go to the Buck Horn Steak House for dinner and it was fantastic. Nom.. Nom... Nom... Steak!

Most of the rest of the week was all about testing students, but on Wednesday I had the most amazing thing happen.

Yep that is right I pulled off  parallel parking. It was my best and worst parking day ever. First I accomplished that amazing task and then when I parked later I seemed to have thought that I needed not one, but two parking spaces. I should have got a picture of that because it was just funny that it was only a couple hours later.

We have also been having odd weather here. On Thursday morning we had a random rain/thunderstorm but then it went back up to being in the low 90s all in the same day.

Now we are on to tonight, luckily I have a good friend to watch tv with. Of course he needed his bone for TV watching time.

I am actually proud that I remember to get most of my week in pictures. I am getting somewhat better at that.

Thanks for joining me for another insta-friday.

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