Friday, September 28, 2012


Let's just start by saying I had a very busy weekend.

It all started with this little one deciding to blow her coat. I used the FURminator on her so I could just get it all out at once instead of having to pick up big lumps of hair for 2 weeks. Which I just realized that they have one that connects to a vacuum and  if the vacuum wasn't her arch-nemesis I might think about getting it.

Luckily, German Shepherds do this only twice a year and I have a great vacuum.  Too bad  that I have two German Shepherds that never blow their coats at the same time.

Then I taught a Saturday class for our new iLearn group. It was a lot of fun and can't wait to see what everyone does with the iPods in their classroom this year.

Right after the class my husband and I headed out to San Francisco.His company had party at the California Academy of Sciences to celebrate their 20th anniversary of the Davis site. His company is a Danish company, Novozymes, that has been around much much longer, but the Davis site was excited to celebrate their 20th year. 

I wish I got more pictures, but it was really dark at the California Academy of Sciences at night and my phone camera wasn't doing it any justice, even my big camera didn't get much use because almost everything was no flash photography. Plus I really need a new phone. This one is still acting up, but I am just going to have to reset it again and make due for a while. 

The next morning we headed to a place that was featured on dinners drive-ins and dives. It was 4 blocks from the hotel we stayed at, yet we had to walk through a very shady area to get to the place. The restaurant  Dottie's, has some very yummy coffee cake, but other than that we weren't too impressed with the food and didn't feel the wait wasn't really worth it. 

After that I had a pretty uneventful week. I spent my days working. 

And my nights resting on the couch as I try to let my body get rid of this nasty kidney stone, which also means I did a lot of water drinking. 

I did get a little sewing done yesterday, but of course I didn't get a picture of that, but I will soon since the project just need to be stuffed and it will be done. 

Also, this little guy visited me in a parking lot. Isn't he just the prettiest birdie and such a great poser too :)

That is it for this week. I hope your week went well! oh and just in case you want to follow along with me on instagram shockingly you can find me at jenniffier. 
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