Sunday, September 9, 2012

September - Just Three

Ok even though the just three for August didn't seem to help me accomplish 3 goals, I am going to participate in the September link up. I think the reason that I didn't accomplish my goals were that I made them too big. I need to break my goals down a lot more.

My first goal was to finish my Geese in the Park Quilt top. I almost made that goal, I just have one more border to add on. (Please take note of the little photo bomber, who seems to think when I lay a quilt out it is just for her)


I think I should have broken that goal down into three goals in itself. Finish the blocks, check, sew the rows, check, and the boarders, 1 out of 2.

I didn't even get to my other goals of cutting the fabric for the zig zag quilt or making an mini quilt for my office. The geese in the park used up all my quilty time.

So I am going to break down my goals a little more this month.

September Goals:

1. Finish last border on Geese in the park quilt.


2. Make baby quilt and finish before my friends baby shower, which is of course this month. If you follow along on instagram (jenniffier) you may have been seeing the progress of this yesterday.


3. Cut out fabric for zig-zag quilt.

New fabric for sample at sew katie jeans
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  1. Aww... so sweet! Our dog would always lay down on anything I put on the floor. Happy memory. :) Your quilt is beautiful!


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