Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Shabby Apple Discount Code

Have you been to the Shabby Apple site yet? Well if you love adorable dresses and other clothing this somewhere you should take a moment to check out. Here is the great part, if you check them out by 9/14/12 you can use the discount code: favorite10 to save 10% store wide. 

Dresses from Shabby Apple

Now I have to say the Alice dress is one of my favorites. And I must have good taste because it is currently the number one selling dress. 

Now although I really really want that dress, I know with my body type it just isn't going to looks so great. Luckily there are lots of choices and  the Primavera is on my to buy list. Now some how I just have to talk the hubby into it. 

So if you have a moment and are in need of a dress go check them out. And don't forget about the promotion code. 10% off site wide code: favorite10
This code expires 9/14/2012.

ps. This is a totally solicited post, I get to enter a contest by sharing, but I personally do love checking out all the pretty dresses on this site and wanted to share the discount with you. As often blogs are how I find out all about discounts/coupons that often save me money for things I already want :)

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  1. I have looked around there, and they have some really really stunning dresses. There is a retro looking one made of orange tiny houndstooth wool and the collar is so amazing. Thanks for sharing. :)


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