Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Work in Progress Wednesday

I just started this quilt a few days ago and I am already to the laying out the block stage.

baby quilt layout

That is one thing I love about baby quilts, they do come together so quickly.

Working on a baby quilt for someone. Shhh she might figure it out :) Love the animals in jungle bungle fabric. #quilting

I think my friend (not naming names yet, but if she has seen these pictures I am sure she knows it is coming her way) will really like this for her baby boy. Look at those adorable elephants for goodness sake.

Baby Quilt blocks

I also have been spending sometime working on my embroidery 101 block.

continued progress

I have most of most of the back stitching done. Then I have a couple new stitches to learn for the other parts.

That is it for this week.
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  1. Very pretty! Your baby quilt is so happy and bright!

  2. Good work this week! I especially love the giraffes. I'm feeling the urge to make a baby quilt now...

  3. Love that baby quilt using the Jungle Bungle fabric! I also recently made one for a friend (with the same fabric), and I chose a pattern that would come together quickly (quickly = 5.5 hours!!). I'm sure your friend will love it as much as my friend did! Here's the link to mine...


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