Friday, October 5, 2012

Baby Felix's Quilt

This quilt makes me so happy. It was super easy to make and it turned out super cute. Plus it brought big smiles to the mama to be, which of course is the reason why I made it. Well, that and the strange belief that have that babies should have quilts to love.

Jungle Bungle Easy Baby Quilt

This quilt is for my friend Anna's newest little one, Felix, also know as her first boy, as she has two girls already at home. Felix will be here in just about a month and I gave her the quilt at her baby shower. It turns out that his big sister, Sophia, has confiscated the quilt for the time being. She has been carrying it around with her, which really makes me want to make her a quilt too. 

Jungle Bungle Easy Baby Quilt

Here are somethings that I really like about this quilt. It is made from a charm pack and some yardage. It takes barely any cutting time. I was able to finish it in a week. It was something I saw on someone's blog that I pinned and I actually made it. The only thing with the pattern was that I had to change some of the measurements, but I think that is more my 1/4 inch foot that anything. It seems to be a little larger than a 1/4 inch as my blocks always turn out small, even when I make sure to line up to pinking edge on precuts. 

Jungle Bungle Easy Baby Quilt

Quilt Stats:
Name: Felix's Jungle Bungle Easy Baby Quilt
Size: 35" x 35" 
Fabrics:  Jungle bungle charm pack and yardage + small red dot for background
BindingRiley Blake Woodland Trails Stripe blue 
Quilting: Free Motion Quilting - Loop-dee-loos 
Completed: September 2012
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  1. That is so cute, Jenniffier! There's something about kids and quilts.. ;) You might have to make her one in order for baby Felix to get his back! lol

  2. Very sweet quilt, Jenn. Yes, you probably should make a quilt for sister before she becomes irreversibly attached to this one. :)

  3. Beautiful! The colors are so happy, and bright!
    You are very gifted, and I had to chuckle a little when you said it was very easy to sew. If I tried it would be one crazy mess of fabric :) LOL,

  4. This turned out very cute! Good job!

  5. Oh so sweet. It's so happy - no wonder the sister took off with it!

  6. This is such a great pattern to show off a cute kid print. Nice job!

  7. it is a very nice gift to give, you did a great job on it

  8. This is a super cute quilt! You'll have to make his sister a matching one in different fabric!


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