Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Work in progress Wednesday

Yep still no progress. I had plans for cutting out a quilt last weekend. Then I caught a cold/flu and have been stuck on the couch for way too many days. I am so bored, but I am coughing and sneezing why too much to use a rotary cutter. I could just see that ending poorly.


I have been able to spend lots of time watching my silly puppy. She chewed each toy and lined them up. Then went to sleep at my feet..


The other one has mostly been in his chair. However, they both felt wrestling in the living room was a good idea while I was napping on the couch was a great idea. I haven't been able to sleep since.

Hopefully I will be well enough to go to work tomorrow. I tried going to work on Tuesday, but ended up going home early with a fever. Then this morning I woke up, on time for once, with the feeling that some one was sitting on my chest.. Which really hasn't improved to much. So it isn't looking to likely that I will be at work tomorrow, but I will wait until morning to see because I really don't like missing work and I am so bored..

I also really hope I get better soon, because one of my really good friends from college and I have plans for getting together on Sunday to have a crafty day and I would hate to miss that.


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