Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Lots of Progress this Wednesday

Amazingly I had a some what productive week. I was able to put together another one of my ups and downs  block for my 4 x 5 modern bee, if you are interested I did write a tutorial for this one.

4x5 bee block

All the rest of my progress was in the prepping projects realm, but productive nonetheless.

I prepped all of my 4 x 5 modern bee blocks.

preping for my 4x5 modern bee blocks

And I cut all the strips that needed to for the background of my zig zag quilt. Now I just need to cut the strips into squares and start making some flying geese.

progress on zig zag

OL so lets be truthful here, it was only sorta productive. That is if I over look the fact that I got distracted and played with cutting up the scraps for my 4 x 5 blocks into other usable sizes. Since I used my Accuquilt go cutter to cut the parallelograms there were lots of random scraps, mostly because I only cut to parallelograms with each 4 1/2 inch strip times the 4 prints for each of the 6 blocks I am making. Anyhow, from the small triangle scraps that were left over I was able to get some 3 1/2 inch triangle halves and a whole bunch of mini hexagons.

scraps from go cutter

All I did was lay the triangles over the go die, in this case both the 3 1/2" triangle and the hexagon die, and wheel it through. Then out popped these nicely cut pieces. I like the cute little hexagons, they just make me happy. The best part was that I had some 3/4" hexagon papers hiding in my sewing room and the fit the smallest hexagon on my go die. 

 making tiny hexagons out of scraps from go cutter

So I made a hexagon flower. Even though the 3/4" pieces had a 1/4" on each sides I really did have trouble using that small of a piece of fabric with that size template I wonder if they make smaller ones. I think that is something I am going to have to research on that.


In other notes of being easily side tracked I also used the bigger left over pieces from the same 4 1/2' strips with 2 1/2" die and cut a whole bunch of squares. I also grab some other random scraps from my overflowing scrap pile and cut them up to. Then I decided to use them as a leader and enders project.

trying leaders and enders project

I have seen this pop up a few times on some of the blogs I read and decided to try it myself. It is from Bonnie Hunter, you can read all about it over here at her blog quiltville, But for a quick idea of what it is, is when you chain piece you start with a leader so your threads don't get tangled and one at the end so you are ready to sew next time. I have done this with junk scraps before, but instead of using a piece of fabric you plan on tossing, you use squares, that you can then use to make a quilt. I figured I might as well go for it so that I can do something my overwhelming scrap pile.

There you go that is all my progress for the week. I had hoped to get lots done this weekend, but instead I spent it cleaning, gardening, and helping my sister-in-law pick fabric for her wedding quilt that she asked me to make for her. Although all of that was productive too, I never got to the fun part of actually making any thing. At least I got some prep work done this week so I will be ready for my 4 day weekend coming up.

Oh yeah, by the way, this is post #298 for me and I am planning on having a giveaway as for my 300th post. I already know what I am giving away and it may be part of the reason I was extra distracted this week... I kept thinking about what my plan was and then I couldn't resist playing with some myself... now the big question is will what I got show up before my 300th post. If it doesn't that is ok, because I already purchased  2/3 of my giveaway from some LQSs.
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  1. Love the colors on the ups and downs blocks.

  2. You have some great projects in the works. Love those little hexagons. I think the papers do go down to 1/2" but maybe just a dab with the glue stick will keep the fabric from moving on the template and causing you hassles.

  3. Love the ups and down block. Great fabric!

  4. I keep seeing the leader method all over too and I haven't tried it yet, are you sold on it? I just keep thinking that I never plan far enough ahead for that!

  5. Prep work always seems to take forever and I never feel like I have accomplished much when I am doing that. But it is almost always needed when starting new projects. You got lots cut out! :)


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