Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Work in Progress Wednesday

I had these grand plans of all this work I was going to finish over my 4 day weekend. That just not happen.

Instead I finished one block for my 4x5 modern bee. If you are interested in the pattern I did a tutorial a couple weeks back.

4 x5 ups and downs block

The reason I didn't get much done was because I was sick on the couch. Of course on my break I get sick. I did use the time wisely though and made some hexies. Which by the way I also did a tutorial on  Monday and I am hosting a giveaway for a hexagon starter pack to celebrate my 300th post.

Hexagons work in progress

It may have been a good thing that I was stuck on the couch because I was able to closely watch Suzie. She had two surgeries. One to remove a broken tooth and the other was we got her fixed. Part of the deal when we bought her was that she was a candidate for our breeders breeding program. So if her hips were good she was going to have puppies, but her hips were not perfect, so we got her fixed.

Suzie Recovering

It should have been an easy procedure and she should have been feeling better yesterday, but instead an infection from her tooth set in.  Luckily I was watching her really closely so I noticed the change in behavior right way. We took her to the vet, got her really strong antibiotics, fluids and changed up her pain meds. Today she is doing a bit better.

Gus Feeling bad

Gus has spent the time feeling bad. Bad for her that she is hurt and feeling bad because she is getting more attention than him and no one will let him play.

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  1. Love that purple and gray block! HOpe you are feeling better.

  2. Poor Suzie. Hope you and her are feeling better soon x


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