Friday, November 16, 2012


I am so excited that I made over 300 followers. I am working on getting a giveaway up and going. I just need a conformation email first.

However, for tonight I am ordering a pizza and working in my sewing room. I am trying to decide between a few tasks right now.

First there is my zigzagged quilt. I need to finish cutting it.

zigzagged quilt in progress

Then there is my bubble quilt block for the Sacramento Modern Quilt Guild, that is tomorrow.


Or I could cut my patchwork prism, which would allow me to clean up my sewing room a bit.

Patchwork Prism Work in Progress box

Or of course I could finish my 4 x 5 bee blocks, which as you can see I left on my sewing machine so that next time I went in there I could finish the block....

4x5 bee block in progress

Then there is my Christmas Table Runner that I have had in the works for years now, that just needs to for me to pick where the hexagons are going to go and for it to be quilted.

hexagon table runner in progress

Hmm choices are never a good thing for me. You would think I would pick one of the who that are on my November goal list. But what fun is that? Luckily, not only do I have tonight, but I am officially on vacation so lets see what I actually accomplish over the next week.

edit: So didn't realize it was Friday Night Sew In tonight but I of course am linking up :)

Handmade by Heidi


  1. Jenn, whatever you decide, I'm looking forward to seeing you and your projects at tomorrow's meeting. Debbie

  2. I see you like hexagons too! Yours look great. Thanks for stopping by my little corner of the world.

  3. I totally do the thing... Assign my projects a number, then and go with that order! Decision made right there!

    Seriously love


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