Wednesday, December 19, 2012

An Instagram Work in Progress Wednesday

Oh my gosh. I have been so busy. As a teacher, I normally get the week before Christmas off. It gives me lots of time to finish last minute projects, go shopping and just get ready for Christmas. Well not this year. This year I get off work on the 21st. Which is no time at all to get ready for the holiday. That means that every night I am going home, eating dinner, and running my errands. That isn't counting the fact that I have had after school meetings.

Even with all of this, I have had some progress. This progress has been documented only through my phone camera and posted to Instagram. So here we go with my instagram version of work in progress.

I drew all the lines on my magic flying geese.

#quilting working on some magic flying geese.

Worked on some embroidery during my breaks at work to get my mind to turn off.

Embroidery progress for the week.

I am working on my very first improv piece that is became a pillow (more to come on that).

Trying improv piecing for the first time #quilting

I also started on my first ever attempt at dress making. I am doing a muslin first so I don't ruin my good fabric, which I have already found was a good choice.


There we go, that is it. I have one Christmas present left to make and finishing these projects and that will probably be it for this year. Well maybe, my mom is coming up for Christmas so maybe we will get to sew together for a bit.
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  1. measure twice, cut once .. always a good idea to do a muslin version first

  2. I have the same problem... not enough time to sew and get the Christmas presents done. I'm hopping to have some time this weekend. Have fun sewing! I hope you get to finish everything.


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