Monday, December 31, 2012

I sorta kind of made a dress

I decided to join in on the Sis Boom Rebecca Dress Sew Along.

Sew Sweetness

Since this was the first dress I have ever attempted to make all on my own, I decided to make a muslin dress first instead of cutting into this lovely Amy Butler fabric.

amy butler fabric

It was a good thing that I decided to do that. Why? Well, this dress is not flattering on me at all. I am sure this is due to my body shape and the fact that I have been losing weight for a few months now, and things just don't look quite right. Probably if I was to my goal weight everything would look wonderful, but alas I am at the awkward phase of losing weight.

muslin rebecca dress

Here are the good things. The dress is very easy to make. The directions were very clear, except how to do the collar. However, that is I am sure my inexperience in garment making. I am guessing that the sizing was spot on, I used my measurements from about a month ago, but the dress was loose again I think that is me. Seeing as my pants that would be in that size range are also pretty lose now.

So at this point I am calling this a win. I "made" a dress, I didn't do all the finishing since it was a muslin and I wanted to be able to pull if needed. However, had I finished it the skirt would have been shorter than I intended. Another win is the fact I didn't waste my cute fabric to be unhappy with the finish. So on the last night of the year, I pulled though with meeting one of my goals of "making" clothing.

One thing I learned is putting in a zipper is hard, and of course I had to go for an invisible zipper which the pattern did not call for. Had this been a "real" dress I would have had to redo the zipper for the 5 time. Yes 5 times with the evil zipper.

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  1. Too bad the dress didn't work, but congratulations on losing weight! Happy 2013! Here's to a new set of goals!

  2. You sound like me when I decided to make my own Easter dress :) I, however wasn't smart enough to make a muslin. I was happy to have sewn my own dress but it was NOT flattering at all on! But, it's a successfully seen garmet so cheers! Good job and happy New Years!

  3. you did it .. and you should be proud, its not easy making a dress .. and with a zipper! awesome!

  4. I'm hoping to make a dress this next year! It sounds so intimidating, but your account gives me a bit more courage! :)

  5. Good for you, Jenn. You learned a lot. Zippers and I don't get along very well. I've put in quite a few over the years and they still give me trouble.


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