Sunday, December 9, 2012

Pretty Little Pouch #2

These pouches are so much fun to make I couldn't help but make another one.

Pretty Little Jewelry Pouch #2

They are just so cute and so easy and unless you forget to put the casing in to hold the cording in place the pouch can be completed in an evening.

Inside of Jewlery Pouch

Not that I know what forgetting the casing entails. It isn't like I came out to show the pouch to my husband and tell him I needed to go buy some cording for it to be finished. And it isn't like he started questioning you about where the cording goes. And I didn't by any chance give him complete attitude stating some like "You slide the cord through the button hole and you just pull it and all the sides come up and it squishes all together." To only be told "I don't understand",again. And it wasn't like I may have tried to point it out again speaking a bit slower, only to use some choice four letter words and start rambling about how I can't believe I skipped the casing step and mumbling all the way back to my sewing room to use the seam ripper to take out the stitches for the pockets. Hearing a voice  trailing behind me saying "I still don't get what you mean by casing." And then some snickering as he really I messed up.

Well, it is done now! Thank goodness.

Oh and case you were wondering, you can see the first one here or if you want to make your own here is the Art Gallery Tutorial.
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  1. Love this one! The yellow and gray look great together.


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