Saturday, December 29, 2012

Snowman Cookies

I made snowman cookies for my husband's office mates for Christmas.

snowman Christmas cookies

Now that might not be shocking in itself, but this were inspired by this blog. I pinned it earlier in the day an made the cookies later that night. I decorated the eyes in the morning as soon as I woke up and now I know food markers takes longer than 45 minutes to dry (notice the smudges on the bags).

Christmas Cookies

I didn't get to taste them, but one of the office mates wives said they were yummy and I am going to believe her.

You might not know this about me, but I am slightly addicted to pinterest. I pin lots and lots of stuff and I spend way to much time looking at all the pretty pictures. But, it isn't often that I make things that I pin on pinterest. Sometimes I might try to follow a hair or makeup tutorial. I might even try a recipe. But actually making a project I pinned ins't very likely. Even though these are cookies and they could be considered a recipe, I am still considering this a crafting type tutorial because this required some artistic type skills and specialized tools (I had to stop by the cake decorating store for icing tips and and other cake decorating items). Not much artistic skills but some. Anyhow, here is a fun example of of a pin that became a reality.

Pinned version

My version

snowman Christmas cookies

Of course my picture isn't as set up as cute (it was 6 am while I should have been getting ready for work), but they both super cute and they were so fun to make.

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  1. I love Pinterest too... I pin away like crazy but rarely DO anything... perhaps a New Years Resolution in the making? lol

  2. I am yet to become a Pin person... looks like I should - soon!!! Love your cookies - so cute!


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