Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Projects galore

Since this is a new year I am decided to do this week's work in progress post a little different. For this week's work in progress post, I thought I would take some time to figure out all the random projects I have around here.

First up all my unfinished objects:

Unfinished Projects 2013
1. Zigzagged Quilt 2. Geese in the Park Quilt 3. Halloween Wall Hanging 4. Patchwork Prisim Quilt 5. 4x5 Modern  Bee Quilt 6. Scrappy Bear 7. Embroidery 101 Quilt 8. Hexagon Christmas Table Runner 9. Kona Wonky Star Quilt 10. Prairie Claw Quilt 11. Makeup Bag 12. Modified Benito Box Quilt

Now on to all my unstarted projects:

Unstarted Projects 2013
1. Bliss Schinbbles 2. Swoon Quilt 3. Kaffe Fassett Hexi Quilt 4. Madrona Challenge 5. Halloween Pop Quilt 6. Easter Wall Hanging 7. Bag 1 8. South Hampton Whimsy Quilt 9. Fandago Quilt 10. Paul and Nikki's Wedding Quilt 11. Ladybug mini quilt 12. Bag 2 
Oddly I seem to have 24 projects around here. I am sure there has to be some missing. I mean really an even number! But, this was all the projects that I could find.  So I am going with it.

That means in order to complete everything in 2013, I would need to make 2 projects a month. I really don't see that happening.  Some projects are on a deadline, so those will be finished on time (I hope). And I know other things will come my way that I just have to make. Those have to make projects will take away from me finishing the projects above, but that is OK.

It is good to know what is hiding in my sewing room. Plus, this looks like I have a fun creative year ahead of me(even if I accomplish just a few of these projects).

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