Thursday, January 24, 2013

some finished tasks, a broken lens, and a very busy week

This has been an eventful week. I have made a lot of progress and have been super busy at both work and life.

However, Saturday was our Sacramento Modern Quilt Guild meeting and something terribly bad happened. I jumped out of the car, put my camera strap on and started rushing in. And then boom, bam, roll... My DSLR camera broke off the strap and hit the asphalt.

Dropping your nikon D7000 is a bad thing . This happened saturday.

The lens broke, the corner of the pretty Nikon D7000 cracked, a mirror scratched, and my heart sank. I can send everything in and see how much it is going to cost to fix it, but I have a Nikon photography class that I signed up for, for this weekend. So I am going borrow a friends lens and wait until next month to send it in. I am lucky that they are even going to trust me.

So, until I can afford to send my camera in, most of my pictures will be from my phone and my ipad and will probably suck and not be very true to color. I still have my 50 mm lens, but it quite as versatile and since it is a fixed lens I have to be at the "right" distance. Plus the little scratch on the upper mirror is annoying.

So on to the week of progress, which by the way many of the pictures are being borrowed from other SacMQG members flickr accounts since I was too devastated to take any pictures.

I finished the top for my zig zagged quilt.

Jennifer @jenniffier beautiful zig zag quilt #sacmqg
by the way I am the girl in red making a horrible face

I finished my low volume block for Sunday Morning Quilts Bee.

January Bee Block for Sunday Morning Quilt Bee

I finished my slab for Sunday Morning Quilt Bee.

Sunday morning quilt bee January block

I started my challenge for Modern Quilt Guild.

MQG Challenge

I have been working like crazy and have spent very little time in my office, which means that I feel like I am not accomplishing the task that need to be done.

I went to the snow.

Yeah for mini vacation to the snow.

Enjoying Squaw

Made some homemade cinnamon rolls. 

Homemade cinnamon rolls for breakfast

Even the dogs had their own dogvacay, with this really nice lady that had some property for them to play on and a boy that loved on them.

Gus and Suzie are enjoying their dogvacay too. We found a lady best our house that boards dogs on her property.

I started working out today and I am so sore I am surprised I was able to write this. Time for a bath, water and sleep.
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  1. So sorry about the camera disaster! Glad the rest of the week went okay.

  2. Eek! That sucks about the camera. That sinking feeling knowing that you may have just destroyed something expensive in a matter of seconds is horrible!
    Where did you go for the snow? It looks beautiful.

  3. That's such a bummer your camera broke. But it looks like you had a good time after all. The pictures of the snow are beautiful.

  4. Oh, so much eye candy! Your challenge quilt is amazing!

  5. oh dear not good about the camera. I bought insurance for my daughter's new camera. Your Sunday morning projects look great.

  6. I am so sorry to hear about your camera. I am pretty sure I have a scratched mirror. I am taking mine in to a camera shop in a couple of weeks. I did something really stupid. I actually used my lens brush and attempted to clean inside my camera. DUH!!

    I too am going to sign up for classes. I am absolutely hooked on photography. I also love the sewing you ladies have going on tonight. And, until a few years ago when we lost Dakota we have always had German Sheppards!!

    I found your blog by chance via a post you made last year about Google Plus and no follow. I am so glad I did. I am now following you everywhere and have added you to Google too!

    I hope you get time to drop over and visit me too!

    Happy weekend!

  7. Oh no... I would be upset if my camera broke. Great blocks!

  8. That sucks about the camera. FYI, I once needed to try a very expensive piece of camera equipment (to see if it would work prior to purchasing it) and found and they were fabulous.If I recall, they were based in Nor Cal.

  9. Oh, no! I know exactly the feeling you must have had -- I had it myself watching my daughter's digital camera slip out of her pocket and bounce and tumble its way down to the bottom of the sandstone arch she and her dad had just climbed up into. Luckily, her camera was a cheap one, and it somehow survived the fall. I hope yours can be repaired without too much expense and hassle.

  10. I love the zigzag quilt! The different sizes are a really neat idea.


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