Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Been Quilting

I spent most of my weekend quilting my zigzagged quilt and posting progress on instagram.

First I started by doing a bit of stitch in the ditch of the zigzags.

Quilting away

Then on to FMQ of the insides of the zigzags. I did a different design on the big and little zigzags .

At it again #fmqquilting

Then I moved on to the large open spaces in between.

Time for a quilting break!

And more progress..

Hubby took over my TV so I am at it again #quilting

That was until my bobbin thread started causing problems. For some reason the tension is off on the actual bobbin and the thread is just falling off. So I am going to have to unwind the whole thing and start a new bobbin in order to continue. I am also running out of thread. So I guess I am going to have to buy some more. And then get back to work because I have six more light blue big open spaces to quilt.

Oh yeah and the quilting may not be perfect but I am still enjoying the process and I am getting better. Plus once I was it, it is just going to look like crinkly fun :)

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  1. Love the FMQ it's going to be great all crinckly cozy. If the thread on the bobbin is all squishy-mushy instead of tight when you stab it with a fingernail (that's what I was taught) then put it where the thread goes and wind it onto another empty bobbin making sure the it wraps correctly around the round dial/wheel -hope that makes sense.

  2. Wow! Your quilting is lovely! I completely agree about enjoying the process even if not perfect!

  3. Yep, once you wash it, novice fmq looks absolutely fine. :) Don't you love working on a piece and seeing the improvement as you go? I've got one almost finished right now that is that way for me. I really hate that it's going to someone else, because I love getting close and looking at the progress.

  4. Looks really good! I hope you get your sewing machine problems figured out!!


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