Tuesday, February 5, 2013

January in Reveiw

Oh January how happy I am that you have passed. It has been one long month full of happiness and disappointment. Full of completions and imperfection. Full of sickness and health. A month of opposites and now it is time to move on to a new month and try again to accomplish all that is on my list of tasks to do.

So lets take a look at what this month consisted of:

I was able to get all four of my bee blocks finished. However, they went into the mail a day late, but still they made it out.

Bee blocks January

I was able to finish the my zig zag quilt top. However, I haven't been able to quilt it yet, which means it wasn't a finish for a lovely year of finishes.

zigzagged quilt top completed

I started cutting my prism quilt but I am still on the brown/golds ring.

Patchwork Prism Work in Progress box

Started my MQG challenge but didn't finish by the online deadline.

MQG Challenge

I dropped my camera (still works) and broke a lens right before my nikon class where I won a card reader.

Dropping your nikon D7000 is a bad thing . This happened saturday.

Woohoo just won this at #nikonschool having fun learning about photography

I got sick for over a week towards the beginning of the month, but started working out by the end.

As I said the month of opposites. Let's hope this short month is a little less shaky and even more productive.

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